• 5 things people look for in a school website


    Here are five pointers to what visitors on your school website might look out for, which also helps you provide a better user experience while serving your visitors relevant information. Here’s a quick list to get your school website competitive.

    Your landing page:
    Designing for your landing or home page is most important. A design to depict what you are about must not be mistaken and links to inner pages must be well presented.
    Use of relevant images and icons depicting features are highly recommended.
    Content-wise, a body of text introducing your school or an excerpt from the About Us page, should be present on the home page.
    The school background, facilities and board can then be put up on the About Us page proper.

    A Gallery:
    Having a page to present the school in pictures cannot be overemphasized. The gallery could be categorized into Facilities, Students, Teachers, Graduation, Sports, Achievements et cetera so that site visitors and or parents can read the school visually.
    The gallery must load easily and navigating through the categories and pictures should be a breeze.
    Put your best foot forward in terms of using images to present your school and use well taken pictures because a lot of users will download your school pictures

    Web Portal:

    Having a school web portal or a school management system depicts a school running as a smart entity. Admissions are easily managed and student data fetched easily. Terminal results can viewed and printed by parents and guardians. The web portal could also include an e-library and an online assignments portal.

    Online Resources:
    Provide parents with directions and possibly resources on the admission procedures, brochures and handbooks. Online resources could also include links to educational materials and third party websites for learning.

    Be Social:
    Your school can post content on the social media such as twitter , Facebook and Instagram to get a growing following and feedback from comments. School activities and news in text and video can also be shared so that users are engaged and will stay connected.
    Latest tweets or posts on the social media accounts can be put up on the school main website as well.