• Improving Students academic performance. The parent factor.


    Support from parents and teachers is crucial to helping students do well academically. Here are some ways parents can put their wards on track to be successful students.
    1. Parents should expect high academic performance from their wards: Asides from paying your wards school fees,buying school materials among other things.
    Having a high expectation from your wards goes a long way in helping them achieve better grades at school. Parental expectations include how important school is, their attitude towards teachers, the value of education, rewarding their academic performances, and encouraging children with low grades.
    2. Parents should get involved in their day to day academic and extra-curricular activities of their wards; overseeing after-school activities of student, ensuring they do their homework and assisting them with difficult school assignments.
    3. Regular Communication – Strategies to help improve communication include being approachable, asking open ended questions and listening more than talking helps to improve grades of students in school.
    4. Parents are encouraged to read frequently and regularly with their child. – Parents can help their child develop good reading habits by reading with them as part of a night-time routine, especially books that capture their attention and imagination.
    5. Parents can make use of various school management software as provided by the school to keep track of their wards performance in school. School management software provides various features that helps parents to keep tabs on their children academic performance and assist them in seeing their welfare at school
    6. Employ the Use of competent, personal coaching teachers for students with low academic performance or students with learning difficulties.
    7. Parents should ensure they attend PTA meetings: Parent Teacher Association meetings are great avenue for parents to meet with teachers and discuss their wards’ progress in school. School administrators may discuss school-wide programs and policies with parents.Parents or guardians can request meetings with teachers, principals, school counselors, or other school staff any time during the school year.