• What is a school management software or system?


    A school management system is a software or application designed to automate a school operations. The system is also called a school management software or a school software (or school portal, if you will).

    A school management system runs usually on a network – on an intranet within the school or on the internet such that it becomes a central point or hub for functional operations (modules) in a school.

    The basic components that make up a school management software or application include at a minimum, a students record / database and a results management application.

    Other modules which it can contain includes:
    — a library application
    — a fee/levy application
    — a hostel application
    — an accounting application for the school store

    Benefits of deploying a school management system include:
    1. Results management and Report Card generation.
    2. Secure.
    3. Easy to use.
    4. Session management — Promotions and new registrations.
    5. Generates revenue.
    6. Allows Parents to track results and progress.
    7. A multi-school, multi-user application.
    8. Robust – in functionality and user privileges.
    9. Content Management control is in your hands. Eliminates the need to ship data to an offsite office for data
    10. Reduces paper work and embraces a greener work environment.